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Western Design Meets Eastern Wisdom

Aphronze Architectural Design is an architectural design firm that is located in Taipei, Taiwan (Pan Asia headquarters). We are quite unique as we offer advanced Western architectural design services that considers the roots, customs and expectations of the project locations, which include China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, United States, UK and Europe. The China cities we serve include (but not limited to): Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Ningbo, Suzhou, Wuxi, Chengdu, Changsha, Xiamen, Chongqing, Wuhan, Suzhou, Dalian, Wuxi, and Qingdao.

Aphronze Wins Best Retail Architecture 

International Property Award 2013-2014 Asia Pacific Region

Aphronze Architectural Specialties

Aphronze specializes in large scale retail architecture, retail interior design, destination design; and high-end residential, commercial and mixed use real estate development design projects. We also have experience in industrial design projects and public design projects.

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What Makes us Different & Unique?

We understand the sociological side of design and meld our Western design prowess seamlessly with the socio elements of the project location. True to our Company Slogan, “Western Design Meets Eastern Wisdom”, we truly understand how to apply Western design principles, such as Grafting Architecture, Space Syntax and Green Sustainable Design, with Eastern social wisdom and expectations. We are experts in harmonizing advanced Western design styles with Chinese fortune themes.

About Aphronze

Name – The genesis of our name “Aphronze” comes from the union of two words: “Aphrodite”, the Goddess of Beauty, and “Phoenix”, a thing of peerless beauty and excellence.

Principals – Aphronze is managed by two principals:  David Shih (David S.), President and Angie  S.H., CEO. Angie is a published author and architectural critic. Her latest book, “Architectural Jet Lag”, is available on Amazon.

Experience – We have completed over 70 architectural design projects that span from High End Residential, Commercial & Mixed Use Real Estate Development Projects to Industrial High Tech Projects to Public Projects, along with many Interior Design Projects. We have won over 15 architectural awards.

Focus – We work mostly with high end real estate developers, construction companies, and interior design companies. On a limited basis we accept high end housing projects from individuals. And, we are also skilled in large industrial and commercial design projects.

Architectural Design Services

We focus on four cornerstone architectural design services which are customized to our customers needs and requirements.

  • Concept Design

  • Developed Design

  • Façade Design

  • Design Changes

Our overall skill sets include:

  • Advanced, Modern, Western Architectural Design

  • Chinese Fortune Themes

  • Grafting Architecture (G-ARCH)

  • Space Syntax

  • Eco-Tect and Green Sustainability

  • Lean Design and Management

  • Construction & Engineering Knowledge and Experience

  • Interior Design


Architectural Design Portfolio

Our Western architecture design skills and expertise are melded into the local and regional root culture customs, philosophies and beliefs to produce stunning and unique architectural designs. Many of the projects are Eco Friendly and contain sustainable Green Energy and Green Building technologies.

Our architectural design portfolio includes 27 different projects in Taiwan, China and the United Kingdom (UK).

The portfolio is divided into three main sections:


Architectural Design Blog

Angie S.H., CEO of Aphronze, is a published architecture critic and author. In her Architectural Design Blog, she writes about Western style architectural design, Grafting architecture, Space syntax, Spatial analysis, Social logic of space, EcoTect and Green building sustainability, Chinese fortune themes, Lean design, Construction management, Architectural projects, Architectural theory, and much more…

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